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The Wellbeing Diet will assist in cleansing your body of waste material and different toxins that have been stored in your body throughout your lifetime. The body accumulates toxins from environmental pollution, chemicals from household products, as well as your basic food, lifestyle habits i.e. smoking, drinking, and medication. Your energy intake will mainly consist of liquid food, made of raw foods mixed in a blender. This will help to restore your body's original balance and its potential for self-healing. The diet consists of a week by week program with a total of three weeks. You are provided with menus, exercises, advice and guidelines. The program also consists of insights into the psychology of overweight and poor health, how you break unwanted habits and learn to live a healthier life. The diet supports and encourages you in your efforts to improve your life and health. After the completed program, your body will be accustomed to a different way of living. Be prepared for a healthier lifestyle! You do not have to be a fanatic to enjoy results. Even small changes will have positive effects in your healthier living and increased state of wellbeing.

Become inspired to get rid of access weight and unhealthy habits - Create health and harmony in your life.

A large portion of your motivation will derive from your ever growing state of wellbeing and continual weight loss. You will also experience more energy and your spirit will soar. However, beware that it depends on your lifestyle, individual food habits, and your unique body constitution

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by Gunilla Hodkin