Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the diet a fast?

A: No, but it works like one! The diet has all the advantages of a successful fast, but you eat ordinary meals as well as your delicious drinks. It will cleanse your body of toxins, often stored in the fat tissue, and you will more easily lose the extra weight. The body functions much better, on all levels, when it is detoxified.

Q: I crave bread: do I have to eliminate it from my diet?

A: Bread will be counterproductive to the cleanse of the colon and removal of waste products. It efficiently blocks the system. If you are addicted to bread (like many people feel they are), try hard bread, rice cakes or water crackers. Remember, the diet is for three weeks! Try a different lifestyle - even if it takes a bit of effort. You can still eat as normal during the weekends - if you want to.

Q: I need more carbohydrates in my diet, what do I do?

A: Mix a small portion of pasta or rice with your salad or soup. Make a large green salad and then add freshly cooked pasta. However, mentally prepare yourself for a lighter diet. Just try it - and see how you feel. Your craving will subside before you know it. Mostly it's a mental thing - you are used to eating it. If it's not mental, have some carbohydrates. Again, differentiate, become aware, push gently through your resistance to change. Believe me, it is worth it.

Q: I like the fruit drinks but are not too successful with the green drinks. They don’t taste good at all. What am I doing wrong?

A: Check with the recipes, if you are following the guidelines and it still tastes bad, try experimenting with different fruits and vegetables. The drinks are very tasty and enjoyable - in fact, that’s probably the best part of this diet! There are several recipes involving different vegetables so you get to experiment and get a feel for what works for you. Keep experimenting. For example, if the drinks are too sharp, try with avocado, coconut milk, lettuce and tropical fruit juice. You can also change the fruit and juice you are using, for different effect. Again, play and experiment. Use your imagination, follow your intuition.

Q: There are so many good recipes for fruit drinks but when am I going to use them all?

A: You can have fruit drinks as dessert and snacks, and also play with the breakfast alternative, remember to add wheat germ and flax seeds though.

Q: My drinks usually end up too thin/thick/sweet/not sweet enough, or the drinks are not tasting good.

A: Adjust the recipes, they are just guidelines, you know best what works for you. Keep in mind that almost everybody that has been on some kind of diet before believes that "if it is good for you - it have to taste bad". That is an old and worn out belief, exchange it for a new one; "I eat and drink delicious food while I am losing weight and gaining more of my true self". Allow yourself to enjoy. It does not have to be a struggle, it can be joyful and rewarding. And rich in flavor!

Q: I have all good intentions in the morning when I wake up, but as the day goes by, I seem to find myself starving. Before I have organized a meal, I have put something else in my mouth, like a candy bar, for immediate relief and energy. How do I come to terms with this?

A: Organize and prepare your day in the morning. If you know you are going to be busy and won’t have a lot of time and energy to arrange your meals, then do them before you start your day. Mix your drinks and bring with you, carry trail mix (raw nuts and dried fruits), fresh fruit, fruit juices etc to keep you from falling for the temptation of candy bars. This will not only save you a lot of energy and frustration, but also time.

Q: I have problems getting around doing the physical exercises. By the time I can go for a walk, I am too tired.

A: It's very important that you keep up the exercises. You might feel exhausted before the walk, but trust me, as soon as you are out there, you will feel invigorated and have much more energy than before. Be aware of your own resistance to change and push through it - gently. If you can’t find enough time for a walk at the end of the day, then schedule it for the beginning of the day, even before breakfast if possible. If you haven’t had any energy intake at all, you will start using energy from your fat depots instead. Or you can walk instead of talking the bus, go for a swim during lunch, join a gym with a friend and commit to going together a couple of times a week.

Q: I can’t seem to find a physical exercise that works for me, what can I do instead?

A: You need the physical exercise to strengthen your heart, pump out the toxins and rejuvenate yourself with fresh oxygen. Besides, it releases endorphines, your body’s natural "high". There are so many types of different exercises to chose from! Keep experimenting and playing till you find what suits you. This process is a journey in self-discovery! Keep at it. Apart from the more traditional once; walking, swimming, jogging, aerobics, treadmills etc., there is power yoga, dancing, belly dancing, squash, self defense classes, martial arts, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, hiking, biking, canoe paddling, tennis, horseback riding, kick boxing, boxing, and much more. Ask yourself what it is that you would like to do, and act on what comes to you, at least once, to try it out. Take the opportunity and ask when you are deeply relaxed during your relaxation and meditation exercises. If you exercise every day for ten days in a row, you will get "addicted to the high", and it will become as natural as breathing. You are not going to want to do without it.

Q: I seem to be doing fine on the program during the day, but at night I want to eat with my family. I feel that I am doing something ‘sinful’ if I eat an ordinary meal with them. What can I do to resolve this conflict?

A: Allow yourself to eat with your family at night. It's old programming that makes you feel as if you are doing something ‘wrong’. Recognize it for what it is, simply programming. Remember that you can do whatever you want on this diet. If you want to exchange two meals a day instead of three, then do it. You are supposed to be feeling good, not adding more burdens to your shoulders. However, do recognize that there will be resistance that you might be better off pushing through, gently, but take it at your own pace. Listen to your body and become more aware, it will tell you what to do to feel the best. You learn how to do this by practice, trust your feelings, and make necessary adjustments.

Q: I don’t want to make a fuzz so when I’m with others, I eat what they do, but it doesn’t make me feel good. How do I break this cycle?

A: It’s important to be comfortable with what you are doing. If you do only what others do to avoid attention, there are at least two ways to handle the situation. You can add more vegetables and salad and eat less of the heavier foods, keep it light. You can ask yourself if it is worth it, your welfare and health, to not make a fuzz and stand up for yourself. People may act more favorably if you tell them you have decided to change your habits because of health aspects instead of weight issues. To tell them you want to spare your knees or your heart, might be more accepted then saying you want to lose weight and become who you truly are.

Q: If I want other protein sources than the ones mentioned, what do I do?

A: If you really want to incorporate meat into your diet, let fish be your choice, do stay away from red meats. You can always eat what you desire during the weekends (if you want to). Keep in mind that the diet is for three weeks only, try to stick it out and try a different lifestyle.

Q: I want to buy organic food, but it is hard to find, what do I do?

A: Start asking for it in every shop you frequently visit, it’s an excellent way of getting people more aware of the growing demand of organic foods.

Q: Why is it so easy to stay on the diet once you’ve started?

A: Your whole system is gently guided into balance and it more or less takes care of itself after a very short time.

Q: I want to be able to visit a support group and share my experiences with others. Is there anywhere I can go and do this?

A: You can access the chat club through the Internet by your membership. There are no physical places to visit yet, but there might be in the near future, so keep checking in with us. And please, do let us know if you are interested in starting or attending one.

Q: Where do I turn to if I have personal questions or want counseling/coaching?

A: If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us. We will answer as soon as we have a chance, but please, read the FAQ first. If you want more support, you can schedule a private consultation with Gunilla Hodkin or Michael Berger. Let us know and we will set up the connection. They both do sessions over the phone as well as in person.

Q: I have invented some great recipes I would like to share with others!

A: Great! Send it to us and we will post them on the notice board. Thanks! We welcome input and initiative in all forms; recipes, inspirational reading, sharing experiences, insights, tips and more. All material will be screened. Feel free to send us your success story, with a photo if you wish, and have a place in the sun among the testimonials.

Q: If I have once been a customer and want to check the updates and use the diet again, do I have to pay for it a second time?

A: The password changes so you will most likely not be able to get into the program unless you pay, so make sure you print out the 3-week program. However, you will still be a customer and can access any time and take part of the site's growth, and enjoy chatting away with others for an entire year.

Q: Will I lose the weight I’ve lost when I’m off the diet?

A: That depends on you! If you had an unhealthy lifestyle before the diet, lose 12 pounds while on the diet, and after three weeks go straight back to your old lifestyle that made you overweight in the first place - for sure you will gain the weight back on. However, most likely, you won’t return to your old lifestyle, and there is a very good chance that the weight will be kept off.

Q: I smell really bad and get pimples everywhere. Why does this happen?

A: It’s an effect of the cleanse, your skin and lunges being two organs used for disposal. You might feel like showering more frequently than normal for awhile. Keep in mind that it will pass and instead you will become almost odor free.

Q: Why does the Wellbeing Diet work so well?

A: It incorporates mind, body and spirit. That’s why it takes on a life of its own. The only thing you need to do to be successful, is to be in the process and enjoy it. It truly works magic. What we as organisms take in or harbor in form of thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and consciousness, are at least as important for our emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual wellbeing as the food and drinks we consume. Sadly, this is grossly ignored - at the expense of our health.

Q: Can the diet be used to gain weight?

A: It has not been used for that intention, so there is no documentation of it - yet. However, it's quite possible that it could. It all depends on your naturally healthy state of being. If you try it with the intention of gaining weight and you are successful, please let us know.

Q: Why is there a charge to access the diet?

A: We are providing a service, and the charge helps to maintain and improve the service. This is not just information that’s posted once and then left alone. We continuously work on the site, add and update, and service is a main priority. This site is alive - you are able to communicate with us.

Q: How long has the Wellbeing Diet been out there?

A: It has existed since 1999 and has been thoroughly road tested, mainly in Sweden for two years. It became available over the Internet September 2001.


"I lost 12 pounds and the weight keeps coming off after I finished the three week program! My desire for coffee and cigarettes declined remarkably and don’t taste as good anymore. My friends say I look really good. My skin has a different glow to it, and I feel marvelous."

Pearl Angela Marsh

"I’ve become addicted to the banana drink in the morning. I’m going to Australia for a month and I have to check if the have bananas before I go! The drinks are simply delicious."

Ann Marie

"I drink 8 mugs of coffee a day, the first week on the diet I was off the coffee - without even trying! That was the most amazing thing, it just didn’t appeal to me anymore. I’m a marathon runner and don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I lost 3 pounds by sticking to the diet for only three days a week."

U-B Andersson

"I had so much energy during the program, I couldn’t sleep at night. I feel much more creative than before."


"The fat depots I’ve tried to get rid off for years, just disappeared. So did my cellulites! Thank you."


"My friends say I look healthier than ever and my body is really toned and beautiful. But the best thing is that I take much better care of myself these days."


Last Updated: October 14, 2001