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Indigenous Poetry

American Indian Poetry
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Native American Poets

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Native American Poetry
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Oh the Blessed Kalash

Poems for Lee Shou Ping

Poems from Indigenous Peoples
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Poems by Tobacco Indian
Poems by Turtle Heart
Poetry by Running Elk Woman
Poetry - Native Book Center
Canto a Comandante Marcos
Voices From The Heart
Winter When the Stars Fell
Wolf Poetry

Aztec Poetry
(Department of History, Southwest Missouri State University)
Aztec Poetry
(by Nezahualcoyotl)
Mexica (Nahuatl) Poetry
Mayan Poetry
(Songs of Dzitbalche)
Maori Poetry
Navajo (Dine) Poetry
Papago Poetry
Pre-Columbian Poem
(by Nezahualcoyotl)
Quechua Poems
Quechua Literature
Vain Wisdom
translated by Juan M. Córdova

Ritual Traditions
of the Human Woman
Dana Tiger
Ritual Traditions of the Human Woman
by Dana Tiger, Creek Tribe, Muscogee Nation

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