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(Native American Art)

"I dedicate this page to my good friend, Rojer Passeeda."

Original hand crafted Ceramic sculptures of the Native American Indians.

These works are very unique, from the studio of Brian and Sally Tozer.
No one has, as far as I am aware, produced such high quality arts of work.

All are originals - no reproductions — only one of each sculpture exists.

They are all of noble courageous Indian warriors from the 1800’s.

My collection consists of 24 sculptures and wall plaques,
torsos here in Canada and another 18 in England.

I have a collection of over 200 pencil drawings -
some prints taken from the originals put onto canvas and are stretched with some prints framed.

Nothing has been sold from this very fine collection.

I will now be offering all of the original pieces for sale
so others may treasure and display at Home in the Office or in Prestigious Hotels.

At this moment the artist Brian Tozer is attempting to make a full size ‘Plains Indian’.

The collection has some pots with feathers and an open decorative bowls.

These come in many designs and can be made to order.

I wish to show my appreciation to my very good friends — Brian and Sally Tozer

Their talented work made my very fine collection possible.

The Warriors Gallery

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Hopi Warriors

Apache Warriors


Chief Thunder


Blackfoot Warriors



Medicine Men



Chief Dandy


Chief Curly Bear


Crow Warriors



Crow Medicine Man


Hidatsu Warriors


Dog Dancer




Hopi Snake Dancer


Lakota Warriors



Spirit of the
Golden Eagle


Jack Red Cloud

Many Horns


Navajo Warrior



Shoshoni Warrior



Ute Warriors


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