Bugi paints out his soul for the public

Ginneken, The Netherlands

Artist M. Bugi is serious about his art. He takes up a big piece of canvas to paint out his personal philosophy within 5 days at the “Bruisend Ginneken”[Ginneken Alive & Kicking] Summer Festival".

“Using important symbols I will build something and I will give it to the Dutch society, to say “thank you” for my priviledge to be part of Dutch society.”

Bugi is a member of the BOA movement, the association of professional artists in Breda.

“I sincerely hope, that one day, BOA will be as well known and famous as the COBRA movement. Why not? The creativity of the BOA members is at least as good as the works which have been and still are being made by the COBRA members.”

Thirteen years ago, Bugi came to The Netherlands. His reason: “I met a very nice and beautiful Dutch lady and we got married.”
Ever since, the Pakistani born artist has been blending the symbolism of various cultures into a surrealistic completeness.
“What I am about to create in Ginneken will prove that art is more than just a piece of merchandise. Take van Gogh, for example. For days, months, years he worked on his paintings, only to sell them off very cheaply. He couldn’t even make a decent living out of them. But his artistic message was very clearly understood after his death and today, van Gogh’s paintings are worth many millions.”

Blended symbolism

In his work, the figures and symbols from the ancient Western world are blended with those from the Indian Subcontinent, both islamic and hinduistic. Christian cultural elements are added to these. Very often in Bugi’s paintings, Jesus and Alexander the Great appear together with Shiva and Buddha.

“I paint, because I have to. It comes from within. Sometimes, there is an opportunity to say “thank you” to the Dutch society for letting me live here, like my recent paint project at the Baronie College, where art students made a huge wall painting under my supervision. It’s now a major piece of art in this school. It was unveiled by municipal councillor André Adank.”

Would you like to watch Bugi work during the 5 festival days in Ginneken, you can stay close to the building called “Oncle Jean” (Ginnekenweg 338). He will finish his painting during the Art Fair on Sunday and afterwards give it “to the people of Ginneken.”

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Compiled by: Glenn Welker

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