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The continent of Africa, including associated islands such as Madagascar, but excluding Arabia. Central Africa Central Africa generally includes the lands mainly of the Congo River basin, south of the Sahara and west of the East African Rift. Pygmy peoples: Central and Western Africa East Africa, including the African Great Lakes region and the Indian Ocean islands.

Acholi: Uganda
Afar: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia
Agaw: Ethiopia
Akisho: Ethiopia
Anuak: Ethiopia
Beja: Eritrea
Berta: Ethiopia
Bilen: Eritrea
Borana: Ethiopia
Daasanach: Ethiopia
Alur: Uganda
Ambo: Zambia
Ankole: Uganda
Antalote: Comoros
Aushi: Zambia
Aweer: Kenya
Babongo: Gabon
Baganda: Uganda
Bahima/Ankole: Uganda, Rwanda
Bagisu: Uganda
Bagwere: Uganda
Bakiga: Uganda
Bakonjo: Uganda
Basoga: Uganda
Batoro: Uganda
Bemba: Zambia
Betsileo: Madagascar
Bisa: Zambia
Bunyoro: Uganda
Cafre: Comoros
Chagga: Tanzania
Chewa: Malawi
Chikunda: Zambia
Chokwe: Mozambique, Zambia
Chopi: Mozambique
Cishinga: Zambia
Gova: Zambia
Hadzabe: Tanzania
Haya: Tanzania
Hehe: Tanzania
Hutu: Burundi, Rwanda
Ila: Zambia
Inamwanga: Zambia
Iteso: Uganda
Iwa: Zambia
Jopadhola: Uganda
Kabende: Zambia
Kalenjin: Kenya
Kamba: Kenya
Kaonde: Zambia
Karamojong: Uganda
Kikuyu: Kenya
Kisii: Kenya
Kosa: Zambia
Kunda: Zambia
Kwandi: Zambia
Kwandu: Zambia
Kwangwa: Zambia
Lala: Zambia
Lamba: Zambia
Lango: Uganda
Lenje: Zambia
Leya: Zambia
Lima: Zambia
Liyuwa: Zambia
Lomwe: Malawi
Lozi: Zambia
Luano: Zambia
Lucazi: Zambia
Lugbara: Uganda
Luhya: Kenya
Lumbu: Zambia
Lunda: Zambia
Lundwe: Zambia
Lungu: Zambia
Luo: Kenya, Tanzania
Luvale: Zambia
Luunda: Zambia
Maasai: Kenya and Tanzania
Makoa: Comoros
Makoma: Zambia
Makonde: Mozambique
Makua: Mozambique
Mambwe: Zambia
Manyika: Mozambique
Mashasha: Zambia
Mashi: Zambia
Mbowe: Zambia
Mbukushu: Zambia
Mbumi: Zambia
Mbunda: Zambia
Mbwela: Zambia
Merina: Madagascar
Meru: Kenya
Mukulu: Zambia
Mulonga: Zambia
Munyoyaya: Kenya
Ndau: Mozambique
Ndembu: Zambia
Ng'umbo: Zambia
Ngonde: Malawi
Ngoni: Malawi
Nguni: Mozambique
Nkoya: Zambia
Nsenga: Zambia
Nyakyusa: Tanzania
Nyamwezi: Tanzania
Nyanja: Malawi, Zambia
Nyengo: Zambia
Nyiha: Zambia
Ogiek: Kenya
Oimatsaha: Comoros
Pare: Tanzania
Rundi: Uganda
Rwanda: Uganda
Sakalava: Comoros
Seba: Zambia
Sena: Malawi, Mozambique
Senga: Zambia
Sengwer: Kenya
Shangana: Mozambique
Shanjo: Zambia
Shila: Zambia
Shona: Mozambique
Simaa: Zambia
Soli: Zambia
Subiya: Zambia
Sukuma: Tanzania
Swaka: Zambia

Swahili: Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Somalia, Comoros, Mayotte, Mauritius, Seychelles, Djibouti, Libya,
South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tabwa: Zambia
Tambo: Zambia
Toka: Zambia
Totela: Zambia
Tumbuka: Malawi, Zambia
Tonga: Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia
Tutsi: Burundi, Rwanda
Twa peoples (Pygmy): Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda
Unga: Zambia
Wandya: Zambia
Watha: Kenya
Yao: Malawi, Mozambique
Yiaku/Yaaku: Kenya
Yombe: Zambia
Zulu: South Africa with significant population in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania
Dorze: Ethiopia
Gumuz: Ethiopia
Gurage: Ethiopia
Hamar: Ethiopia
Hedareb: Eritrea
Jeberti: Ethiopia
Kichepo: Ethiopia
Kunama: Eritrea
Me'en: Ethiopia
Mursi: Ethiopia
Nara: Eritrea
Nuer: Ethiopia
Nyangatom: Ethiopia
Oromo: Ethiopia
Qemant: Ethiopia
Rashaida: Eritrea
Rer Bare: Ethiopia
Saho: Eritrea
Shanqella: Ethiopia
Sidama: Ethiopia
Silt'e: Ethiopia
Somalis: Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya
Suri: Ethiopia
Tigre: Eritrea
Tigray-Tigrinya people (Tigrinya): Eritrea
Tigray-Tigrinya people (Tigray): Ethiopia Tirma: Ethiopia
Welayta: Ethiopia
Zay: Ethiopia
Berber (or Amazigh): (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania)
Dinka: (South Sudan)
Egyptians: (Egypt)
Haratin: (Morocco, Mauritania)
Nuba: Sudan
Nubians: Egypt, Sudan
Nuer: (South Sudan)
Shilluk: (South Sudan)
Tuareg: (southern Sahara and Sahel regions of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso)
Bushmen: Kalahari Desert, Botswana/Namibia
Khoikhoi: South Africa
Namaqua: South Africa
Baka: Cameroon, Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, and Central African Republic
Balengue: Equatorial Guinea
Benga: Equatorial Guinea
Bubi people: Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Bujeba: Equatorial Guinea
Combe or Ndowe: Equatorial Guinea
Duala people: Cameroon
Beti-Pahuin#Fang: Equatorial Guinea
Ogoni people: Nigeria
Serer people: Senegal, the Gambia, Mauritania, Western Sahara
Tuareg: the Sahel
Toubou: southern Sahara

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